My Bucket List


Things I Want to Do:

Sponsor a child through Compassion International
• Stay overnight in the Texas town where I was born
• Walk the halls of the hospital where I was born
• Read through my Bible at least 40 times
• Enjoy a second honeymoon on Kauai with my wife
• Renew our wedding vows in 2018 and 2028
Waterski on a slalom course on a lake without falling
Go backpacking for a week in the Sierras
Hike through Yosemite National Park
Stand on top of Yosemite’s famous Half Dome
Hike up and down the backside of Half Dome
• Take a cab ride through New York City
• Take a parachute jump out of an airplane
• Visit the Lincoln Memorial again
• Tour the White House again
Hang out on the 103rd floor of the Sears Tower
• Hang out on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building
• Visit the Statue of Liberty
• Enjoy a picnic lunch at Niagara Falls
Criss-cross the United States and visit almost every state
• Go on a cruise with my wife
Sail near the Golden Gate Bridge
• Stay at a resort in Cabo San Lucas
• Write and publish a devotional book
• Write an autobiography for my daughters
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go scuba diving
Go snorkeling
Go zip-lining
• Go rock climbing and bouldering
Climb Mt. Hood in Oregon
• Climb Half Dome again in California
• Swim with a school of dolphins
Play and swim with seals in the Pacific Ocean
• Kayak in the Pacific Ocean near Monterey
Stand under a tall cascading waterfall
Go river rafting through white-water rapids
• Go horseback riding on the beach with my wife
• Go on a week-long pack horse trip in the Sierras
• Take dancing lessons with my wife
• Learn to do the salsa with my wife
Fly a small Cessna with a pilot friend
• Ride in a helicopter and take a second honeymoon on Kauai
Try paddle boarding
Try wakeboarding
• Go para-sailing
• Try jet-packing
• Sit through one opera
• Start running 5Ks and 7Ks again
• Run a Color Me Rad 5K
• Sleep in an igloo
• Walk through a rainforest
• Visit the Alamo again
• Take an airboat ride in the Everglades
Fly as a passenger on a double-decker Airbus

Things I Want to Do for People:

• Mail someone an anonymous $100 bill
Listen to a homeless person share his story
Buy a bag of groceries for a homeless person

Places I Want to Visit:

• Israel
• Australia
• New Zealand
• England
• Scotland
• Norway
• Kauai (again!)
• Maui (again!)

Milestones I Want to Accomplish:

• Celebrate my parents’ 90th birthdays
• Go on another short-term missions trip
• Read through my Bible at least 40 times
• Renew our wedding vows in 2018 and 2028
• Hold, influence and spoil our future grandchildren
Get out of debt and stay debt-free
• Down-size and move to a smaller home
• Talk with at least one person about Jesus every week
• Enjoy 80 years of purposeful life on Planet Earth
• Worship and serve King Jesus on the New Earth


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