How I Can Serve You

Authenticity. Integrity. Influence. Good leaders reflect these Biblical qualities of servant-leadership and hone their God-given skills to serve and help others.

I’m Dave Shackelford . . . and here’s how I’d enjoy serving you:

Bible Teaching. Relevant expository teaching of God’s Word with a focus on life-change and spiritual growth and a commitment to authenticity and integrity.

Pulpit Supply. Weekly or occasional teaching of God’s Word at your church.

Interim Pastor. Part-time shepherding, leadership and Bible teaching at your church while you transition and search for a new pastor.

Consulting. Practical and helpful coaching designed to encourage and equip your ministry teams.

Writing. Expert help with effective and creative communication on your website, printed materials and other resources.

I’d love to help you and your organization. You can connect with me via Facebook by clicking the link.

Thank you.