Need a Do-over?

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Like most grade-school boys, I played marbles with my buddies at recess and after lunch almost every day.

With marble bags in hand, we’d run for the playground, drop to our knees and draw a big circle in the dirt. Then—opening our bags, we’d look for just the right marble to start our shooting match.

I had a home-made red cloth bag with a drawstring that my mother stitched for me. Inside it, I kept my treasured marbles. I still have that worn-out bag—but somewhere along the way, I lost my marbles!

Like savvy marble shooters, we played for keeps when we felt gutsy and confident—but we played just for fun when we felt like hanging onto all our marbles. That’s how we scored big, came up short or kept our bags full to shoot another day.

When my daughters Aly and Kylie were little, I taught them how to…

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